Painting FAQ

All projects over $200 require a minimum 30% deposit prior to the start of the project.

Work appointments may be canceled within 24 hours. If you are not home, prior arrangements have not been made, or we cannot gain access to the worksite, you will be charged a $75 fee per incident.

We are a service-based business and generally do not sell goods. Materials used to complete the project are totaled in a single line item on the estimate/invoice unless otherwise requested. Estimates of the cost of the material can be provided beforehand. These materials are billed at cost and receipts can be made available for viewing upon request.

PE Renovations believes in supporting charities. A portion of the proceeds of every project is donated to charity. If you have a specific charity you support, let us know prior to the end of the project. Note that these donations are made by PE Renovations and tax receipts are not available to clients. You can see the various charities and donations on our Homepage.

We will move around tables and chairs to gain access to paint walls. If you have larger items(beds, dressers, credenzas and china cabinets), we request that you empty and move these prior to our painting of the room. We are able to move these items for you with an extra fee and while we will do our best to avoid any damages, we cannot be responsible for any that may occur.

Paint adheres to clean surfaces. We will wipe the dust off baseboards and other surfaces prior to painting them. Washing your walls of food and other debris can be provided for an additional fee, but it is your responsibility to prepare walls for painting. Please clean kitchens, bathrooms and toilets prior to our painting for obvious reasons.
During our work, dust from sanding and other debris could be left behind. We will clean up after ourselves, but it is your responsibility to perform the final cleaning. If you would like us to completely vacuum and clean all surfaces following the project, please let us know beforehand as this is subject to an additional fee. Should you have any garbage or larger items to dispose that are not appropriate for city pickup, let us know and we can dispose of it along with our garbage. This may incur an additional fee.

We will patch wall defects and remove previous paint drips from the walls where appropriate. Walls are inherently imperfect and it is impossible to patch all defects. Larger defects and holes in the walls can be repaired, but are not part of painting and subject to a additional fees. Please inform us of any larger defects prior to our painting or their repair will not be included.

We use quality commercial paint customized for the areas we are painting. We may apply a primer coat prior to painting where we determine it is necessary. We may also apply paint directly onto the existing surface. If you wish for all surfaces to be primed prior to painting, please let us know beforehand. Note that walls containing oil-based paint cannot be painted directly with latex(water-based) paint and must be primed. Please let us know if you are aware of any of these surfaces.

Throughout the project, we may affix small pieces of green painter’s tape to defect areas where we need to return. Should you note any defects we have missed, or have questions about any of the work, you are welcome to add your own pieces tape to the areas using the roll we provide you.

The length of time it takes for paint to dry is affected by many factors. As a rule of thumb, the paint will be dry to the touch in one hour. We strongly recommend against placing any items against a freshly painted surface within 24 hours or the paint may adhere to the item. This is pertinent for wall hangings, face plates, furniture, etc. Paint can take up to one week to fully cure.